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There are so many questions that you might have when you’re arranging a funeral for somebody else, looking into a prepaid funeral plan for yourself or writing a Will.

Here we cover the most common questions we get asked and other useful information.

Frequently asked questions

Get your answers about funeral services, responsibilities of a Funeral Director, finding a funeral plan that suits your needs or setting up a Will here:

Funeral glossary of terms

When planning a funeral you may come across a word or phrase you don’t recognise. Our glossary of terms provides simple definitions for you.

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What to do when someone dies?

We answer the most commonly asked questions about what to do when someone you love passes away.

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What bereavement support is available?

No one should face a bereavement alone. Find out what support is available to you during this difficult time.

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What government support is there after a bereavement?

There is a lot of government support available after a bereavement. Look at our guide to see what you might be entitled to.

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