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Not everyone has a Will when they die. Having a Will in place provides peace of mind, as it ensures all your affairs are in order and that your possessions are given to those that you want. Will Aid Month is the ideal time to consider having one written. 

Why should I make a Will?

There are many reasons why you should make a Will.  Five reasons why you need a Will:

  1. Dependants – If you have children under the age of 18 or any other dependents, you can state in your Will who you would like to look after them.  
  2. Property and Possessions – You can outline how you want your estate to be distributed. That means you get to decide who gets the proceeds of your estate (this is everything your own when you die, such as; your house, car, investments, insurance policies, jewellery and all other possessions).
  3. Reduce Inheritance Tax – Your loved ones will pay 40% inheritance tax if the value of your estate is over £325,000. By having a professional solicitor or Will Writer drafting your Will, there are many legal ways to reduce this Inheritance Tax liability.
  4. Funeral arrangements – You might want a say in your own funeral, therefore you can outline your own funeral requirements in your Will.
  5. Making it easier for family and friends – If you have a Will in place, it will save your family unnecessary stress at an already difficult time.

Without a Will, the law steps in and shares out your assets and the courts decide what happens to your children and any other dependents in the event of your death. 

What is Will Aid?

Will Aid is celebrating 30 years.  It is a charity based scheme to:

  • Encourage everyone to have a professionally drawn up Will
  • To raise money for a selection of charities.

Local solicitors and Will Writing companies all over the country waive their fee to write a basic Single Will, write a pair of Mirror Wills or amend an existing Will. In return for writing a Will, they ask for a donation to be made to the Will Aid scheme.

Why do solicitors offer their Will writing services for free?

The solicitors offer their Will writing services free of charge primarily to help charities, but there is also the opportunity for them to get potential new customers for the other services that they offer.

How much will I be expected to donate to charity in exchange for a FREE Will?

There is no fixed amount, but Will Aid recommends a voluntary donation of £95 for single Wills or £150 for Mirror Wills.  All donations are distributed to the work of the nine Will Aid charities. However, you can specify a donation to one or more Will Aid charities of your choice in your Will.

What charities are taking part in Will Aid?

Will Aid works with 9 charities, these are:

Since 1998, Will Aid has encouraged over 300,000 people to make Wills. By doing so, they have also raised over £20 million pounds for good causes. 

Can anyone apply for a FREE Will?

Anyone can apply for a free Will; the scheme does not impose a minimum age on who can apply. This is a charity based scheme, so the number of free Wills available are limited, therefore it is recommended that you register as soon as possible. 

How do I get my FREE Will?

    1. You will need to visit the Will Aid website or telephone 0300 0309 558
    2. Make an appointment with a participating solicitor during November. You solicitor will write either a basic Will or a Mirror Will.
    3. You can make a donation via the Will Aid website.  If you are donating via the website, make sure you take a copy of your receipt to your solicitors, or alternatively, you can donate via your selected solicitor.

Appointments are limited; therefore you should arrange an appointment as soon as possible. The scheme will close as soon as all appointments are booked.

If you require a more detailed or complex Will to be written, Funeral Planning Experts can put you in touch will a local Will Writer.

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