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Choosing a Mirror Will can place both you and your partner in a positive position with regards to your estate and property should one of you pass away, even if you are not married. With a Mirror Will, you can guarantee your partner’s and children’s financial future.

Simply put, a Mirror Will is the name given to a set of two Wills created by a couple, one that is in a relationship or married, that are almost identical. These wills are designed to reflect the wishes of both parties, with regards to their assets and property, should one pass away before the other.

These Mirror Wills are often very similar in their creation, but they don’t have to be completely identical. In the event of one member of the couple’s death, their Will will identify that their spouse or partner will receive their full estate. This will be the same in both Wills since each partner will name their other half as the beneficiary of their estate in the first instance. In the event of both of their deaths, or the death of the second partner following the first’s, both Wills often state that all assets will go to their children.

There can be some differences to each partner’s Mirror Will concerning variances in executors and any minor estate requests, such as leaving certain items to family members, but estate administration and inheritance issues need to match in both Wills.

This can be a beneficial Will to choose since it offers a number of securities:

It ensures provision for your partner and children

If you don’t have a Will and pass away, otherwise known as dying intestate, your partner or children may not automatically inherit your full estate. By creating a Mirror Will, you will be able to protect your partner’s financial future and ensure that in the event of your death, your partner and your children are provided for. This is especially important when you and your partner are unmarried since they will not be legally entitled to inherit automatically.

Also, a Mirror Will can also ensure that children under 18 are appropriately cared for by a guardian in the event of the death of both you and your partner. You can appoint a guardian who will be responsible for looking after your children and make sure that appropriate decisions regarding their health and education are made.

In this instance, you can also appoint trustees who will look after your estate until your children are old enough to inherit it.

You can name additional executors

Usually, in the case of Mirror Wills, the two members of the couple act as both the sole beneficiaries and executors of each other’s Will. However, Mirror Wills offer both participants the ability to add extra executors to their Wills so that if both partners die, their wishes can be carried out by the executor.

You can change your Will

If you have changed your mind about certain aspects of your Will, you are free to change your Will to reflect any edits concerning executors, guardians or what will be provided. However, it is important to decide whether your Will needs to be changed in correlation with your partner’s Will, without causing any instance of undue influence, to make sure both Wills reflect the wishes of both you and your partner.

If you would like any help with constructing a Mirror Will for you and your partner, Funeral Planning Experts can put you in touch with a Will Writing service to help you.

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