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Planning your own funeral is a wonderful way to make sure the service your family and friends attend really reflects you and your relationships with them. Discover which elements of a celebration of life funeral are ripe for personalisation.

While for some the thought of planning their own funeral might feel a little morbid, it can be your opportunity to create the sort of send off that is perfectly suited to you. That means you can really do what you want and design an occasion which enables the people attending to think about all the things they love about you.

What can you do to make your service unique? Here are five ideas to get you started.

  1. Hold your funeral somewhere that means something to you

    Unlike weddings, which must take place in a venue designated to hold ceremonies, there is no law that states where a funeral can take place. If you are thinking of holding more of a celebration of life, you could have people gathered anywhere. Choosing a venue which means something to you can be a great way of making the occasion unique.

    For examples, if you are a life-long football fan then why not consider holding it at your team’s ground, or, if you love the water, you could hire a boat and have everyone enjoy a trip while they reminisce.

  2. Have a token for each guest to take home

    Arranging for your family to supply each of the guests with a small token to take home after your funeral is a wonderful way to evoke memories of you for years to come. If you are an avid gardener, handing out a small pack of seeds to each person as they leave will give them the opportunity to plant a flower that will remind them of you each time it blooms. Or, if you are known as an avid reader, why not arrange for some of your favourite books to be shared out among the guests.

  3. Make the funeral service personal

    The level to which you personalise the actual funeral service will be dependent upon the type of service you choose to have. For example, if you hold a religious service within a church, the order of service is a little more standard and leaves less room for personalisation. If you are able to make the service unique, consider elements such as music choices. Arranging for your favourite pieces to be played or for a song to play which has lyrics which mean a lot to you is another great way of making your funeral unique.

  4. Personalise your coffin

    One of the main things you may want to consider when planning your funeral is what type of coffin you would like. There are many different types to choose from nowadays – from the traditional wooden coffin to more natural material ones, such as those made from wicker. If you do decide to have a traditional coffin, there are also options for personalising the look of the coffin itself, with colours, words or pictures that mean a lot to you.

  5. Say something yourself at your own funeral

    The great thing about organising your own funeral in advance is that you have the opportunity to include yourself within it. Technology today means that you can think about using video messages within the service itself. However if this feels a little too much, how about writing a note or letter of thanks to those who attend to be included in the order of service. The funeral is all about you, so you should have the opportunity to say something within it, if you want to.

    Although you’ll need to make a number of decisions, planning a funeral doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a number of funeral plans with reputable Funeral Directors who can help you to arrange the exact type of send-off you want.

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