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People will remember those they have lost throughout the year, not just on a specific day. But the first anniversary of a loved one’s death can be especially challenging.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate their life.

  1. Visit their final resting place

    Choosing a final resting place for a loved one can be a big decision to make. Whether this is a cemetery or their ashes have been scattered in a place that is special to them. For many, visiting their loved one’s final resting place is helpful in dealing with their grief and an essential part of their healing. And this might be especially relevant on the first anniversary of their death.

  2. Look at old photographs

    You might already have photos displayed in public or it could be the case that you find looking at photos too difficult. 

    On the first anniversary of their death, you might want to spend time looking back at photographs taken over the years. The photos can make you smile, laugh or cry, but they will bring back memories that can’t be taken away. 

  3. Light a candle

    It is common practice to light a candle on the anniversary of the death of a loved on each year. The ritual of lighting a candle in remembrance signifies that the memory still lives on and burns bright.

    This simple act can be incredibly healing. It allows a moment to reflect on joyous times and honour the deceased.

    If you are wanting to share the experience with family and friends, memorial candle lighting ceremonies are growing in popularity. A poem, passage or quote is read while the candle burns, or alternatively individuals can share memories. Followed by taking a few moments to watch the candle burn and remember the deceased in silence. 

  4. Memorial Bench

    The cemetery isn’t the only place where you can create a memorial for your loved ones. A memorial bench with a plaque or inscription is a unique way to commemorate the anniversary of their death. 

    Whether the memorial bench is placed in your back garden or in a more public place such as a village, woodland or park, it is an increasingly popular way to remember a loved one or someone valued by the community.

  5. Plant a Tree

    Planting a tree on an anniversary is a wonderful way for you to honour a loved one’s memory and give you a beautiful reminder of their life. It is a special, poignant and increasingly popular way to express our sorrow and allow a memory to live on.

Whilst many people associate grieving with the big annual events, such as anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas, the truth is that it can be the small things that trigger memories of loved ones.  In the wake of losing a loved one, there can be constant reminders on a daily basis. Whether this is a song playing on the radio or the smell of a certain scent, grief can be reignited when you are least expecting it. 

The grieving process can feel like a very lonely journey, with even those who are closest to us remaining largely oblivious to the reoccurring sadness. Funeral Planning Experts have put together a useful list of organisations who can help with grief and bereavement support.

Today, many people like to express how they like to be remembered and make their funeral arrangements in advance with a funeral plan. It allows you to make your wishes known and helps your loved ones make difficult decisions when the time comes. We can put you in touch with funeral providers who can help you find the right funeral plan for you. 

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