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Are we ready? Dying Matters Awareness Week



Thinking about end of life choices is tough, but it can be more difficult for your loved ones if you have not discussed your death and planned accordingly. With the support of charities like Dying Matters, these conversations need not be as daunting.

Who are Dying Matters?

Dying Matters is a charity whose objective is to encourage individuals to talk more openly about dying, death & bereavement and to make end of life plans. It is understandable why conversations about death are hard. However, having these talks before you pass will make it easier for your loved one.   

Dying Matters have 28,000 coalition members. Members include organisations from across the NHS and the voluntary and independent health and care sectors, including hospices, care homes, charities supporting old people, children and bereavement.

The members of the Dying Matters Coalition work towards addressing the taboos surrounding talking about death. They encourage people to discuss subjects such as;  their end of life care, where they want to die, their funeral plans and the distribution of their estate.

What is Dying Matters Awareness Week?

Every year, in partnership with the coalition members, Dying Matters hosts an Awareness Week. Awareness Week takes place every May and involves a programme of events to support the charities objectives. This year, Awareness Week will take place during the week of 13th – 19th May 2019. 

Dying Matters 2019 - Are We Ready?

Every year Dying Matters Awareness Week challenges us to answer questions surrounding death.  For 2019, they are asking Are We Ready? There are practical questions to be asked, such as:

  • Are We Ready to discuss our end of life choices?
  • Are We Ready to get our affairs in order?
  • Are We Ready to write our Will?
  • Are We Ready to plan your funeral?

In addition to the practicalities of planning for death, there are also emotional questions that need to be asked:

  • Are We Ready to support someone you know is dying?
  • Are We Ready to support someone who is grieving?
  • Are We Ready to cope with the death of a loved one?
  • Are We Ready for our own death?

Dying Matters 2019 Daily Themes

Every year, Dying Matters also selects a range of topics to be discussed in more detail during Awareness Week.

This year the selected topics are:

Monday 13th May 2019 - Funeral costs

Funeral costs have soared by as much as 90% in the last decade and are continuing to rise. It is important to prepare for your future to protect yourself and loved ones from rising costs.

Tuesday 16th May 2019 - Memorialisation

Memorialisation is the process of preserving memories of your loved ones. It is considered an important part of the grieving process and in some people’s eyes, it is a way of keeping your loved ones alive.

Wednesday 15th May 2019 - Grieving for a pet

Pets are not just animals, but part of the family and the death of your companion can be equally as painful as grieving the loss of a family member.  Pet loss needs to be taken seriously and attitudes need to change.

Thursday 16th May 2019 - Support for those who are estranged from/have no family

Due to a variety of reasons, not everyone is blessed with a strong network of family and friends. Dying alone is no fun. Find out what support and care is available for those alone later in life.

Friday 17th May 2019 - Diversity and inclusion at end of life

The promotion of Diversity and Inclusion is a collective responsibility, where we need to engage people from all walks of life and ensure that they are included and their beliefs are respected. Join in the conversation.

Are there any local events that I can attend?

There is a range of events being held mainly across England and Wales. Find your local events here.

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